Elizabeth Maria Munger
(b.21 Feb 1883 - d.16 Aug 1962)

Scenes from her private life

Childhood and Youth

Betty Munger
born Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 21 Feb 1883

Sisters Ruth, Betty, Alice, and Mary Munger, 1885

Siblings Grant, Mary, Alice, John, Ruth, and Betty Munger, 1890

Elementary School, "Bess Munger, 2nd from right, second row"

Betty, Father Theodore Chapin, Siblings Mary, Alice, Code, Grant, Mother Grace (Breed), Siblings Ruth, Jim, and John Munger, 1898

Betty, 1898

Friend Belle Giberson, Betty Munger

"Mary, Betty and Belle"

Sisters Betty, Mary, and Code Munger

University of Chicago, 1902-06

Some class photos

Thesbian activities, one assumes

with college chums


Private life, 1907-47

Father Theodore Chapin, Niece Grace, Siblings Alice, Grant, Sister-in-law Mabel, Siblings John, Peg, Betty, Mary, Jim, Code, and Ruth Munger, 1907

Betty on left

Betty, 1916

"Betty's Apperson Jackrabbit," 1916

Mary Johnson, Betty Munger in Red Cross, 1917

Betty, 1929

Niece Grace, Siblings Code (Munger Collins), Grant, Alice, Sister-in-law Mabel, Betty, Sister Mary, Brother-in-law Ward Collins, Springfield, Illinois, 1930

Sisters Betty, Mary, Code, and Ruth, Springfield, Illinois, 1930

Betty, passport photo, 1930

Betty at home, 1940s

Betty with dogs, 1940s

Head of China Relief Campaign in New London area, 1940s

Retirement, 1947-62

Sister-in-law Bess, Betty Munger, Old Lyme, Connecticut, 1950s

Betty with Skipper, Old Lyme, Connecticut, 1950s

Siblings Jim, Peg, Betty, Code, and Grant, Old Lyme, Connecticut, 1961

Betty, Old Lyme, Connecticut, 1961

Betty Munger
died Old Lyme, Connecticut, 16 Aug 1962

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