Long-Term Women Convicts Helpful, Says Miss Munger

[Source Unknown, 30 Oct 1933]


Atlantic City, Oct. 30 - Women reformatory officials welcome the long-term feminine convict as a stabilizing influence, Miss Elizabeth Munger said at the American Prison Association congress today, reversing the trend in institutions for men.

"The difference in handling men and women prisoners," said Miss Munger, "is almost exclusively one of sex deviation."


Long Termer Good Example

She is superintendent of the State Farm and State Prison for Women at Niantic Conn., and the only woman member of the American Prison association executive committee.

"The long-term woman convict," Miss Munger explained, "usually is in prison not because she has a long criminal career, but because she committed one serious offense, such as shooting her husband."


Reformatories More Spreading

In contrast, segregation of hardened male convicts from youthful criminals is advocated by convention speakers.

Miss Munger said the women's committee of the association agreed the move to place all women offenders in the reformatories is spreading. She said New York, Connecticut and New Jersey had already made the consolidation and that only eight women were held in Arkansas state prisons.