State Farm Gives Historic Revue, Parade and Picnic

[Source unknown, 5 Jul 1935]


NIANTIC, July 5 - A Fourth of July revue with historic flavor was finely presented by the Connecticut State Farm for Women yesterday at 11 a.m. The committee, headed by Dr. E.A. MacLeod, chose as a central idea the history of Connecticut dating from the early Indian tribes and the Pilgrim settlers.

Several features were incorporated to make this revue picturesque and full of variety. Priscilla and John Alden and Miles Standish were portrayed, as well as Paul Revere, Daniel Boone, Benjamin Franklin and others. The Mayflower and a covered wagon contrasted well to the more legendary Salem witches and a nutmeg peddler. In some cases carefully decorated floats were used [....] a lively pair of horses carrying women who wore dresses and hats of the 90's brought up the end of the parade.

Although the officers of the state farm were in charge of the parade, it is interesting to note that an important part was played by the women, many of whom designed their own costumes and aided in the decorating. Almost everyone had a chance to help in the final production which is considered one of the main recreational projects of the year.

After the parade was over, a drill was given at the picnic grounds by the Junior Fife and Drum corps of Murphy-Rathbun post, Veterans of Foreign Wars, which had taken part in the parade.

A large number of guests were spectators and many of them stayed for the picnic lunch afterwards. Field sports and a ball game completed the program of the day.