Photographs and Articles Relative to the Career of
Elizabeth Maria Munger
(b.21 Feb 1883 - d.16 Aug 1962)


Superintendent, Connecticut State Farm for Women

Warden, Connecticut State Prison for Women

Betty Munger's Niantic:
Feminist Progressivism in American Corrections

for the biennial Conference of
Women Working in Corrections and Juvenile Justice

Baltimore, Maryland
31 October - 3 November 2004

State Home for Girls, Trenton, New Jersey, 1923

"Reform of the Wayward Based on Understanding"
Newark Evening News, 27 Oct 1923

"Elizabeth Munger Reads Paper at NEA Conference, Chicago; Doing Educational Work in East"
Cedar Rapids Republican, 2 Mar 1924

Superintendent's Cottage, Connecticut State Farm for Women


Adminstration and Receiving Buildings, 1930


Industrial Building, 1930; Residence Cottage, 1962


Miss Munger, Dr Harris with European Penologists at Prague, Czechoslovakia, July 1930

62nd Annual Congress, American Prison Association, Indianapolis, 1932

"Indiana Host Third Time for Prison Congress; Twice Contributed Heads"
Indianapolis Star, 4 Oct 1932

"Prison Farm for Women Described by Miss Munger"
Cedar Rapids Gazette and Republican, 11 Oct 1932

"How Connecticut Treats its Women Prisoners"
Hartford Daily Courant, 29 Jan 1933

63rd Annual Congress, American Prison Association, Atlantic City, 1933


Doctor Mary B Harris, Mrs James N Kelley, Helen Hall Upham, Elizabeth Munger at APA Congress, 1933

"Long-Term Women Convicts Helpful, Says Miss Munger"
Newspaper source unknown, 30 Oct 1933

"Pageant Repeated at State Farm for Women"
New London Evening Day, 23 Aug 1934

"State Farm Gives Historic Revue, Parade and Picnic"
Newspaper source unknown, 5 Jul 1935

"Miss Munger Honored on Tenth Anniversary as State Farm Head"
New London Day, 6 Jul 1936


"$40,000 Fire at State Farm at Niantic"
New London Day, 28 Dec 1937

"State Parole Cooperation Hailed by Prison Farm Head"
Newspaper source unknown, 1939

Miss Munger principal speaker at National Convention of Salvation Army, NYC, date unk

"Cedar Rapids Woman Modernizes and Humanizes Prison in East"
Cedar Rapids Gazette, 7 Apr 1940

"Passing Reflections"
by Elizabeth Munger, Prison World, Jul-Aug 1941

"Defense by Conservation Made Theme of Annual Fair at State Farm for Women"
New London Evening Day, 27 Sep 1941

Miss Munger, Governor Baldwin and other State officials, 1941

"Elizabeth Munger"
Vogue, Jan 1944

Scenes from the Connecticut State Farm for Women, 1940s

"No War-Time Food Worries at State Farm for Women"
New London Evening Day, 29 Apr 1944

"War Days Bring Increases in Admissions, Paroles at State Farm for Women at Niantic"
New London Evening Day, 29 Apr 1944

"Due to Retire, Elizabeth Munger Can Look Back at 20 Years With Reassurance About Prison Uplift"
New Haven Register, 29 Dec 1946

Mr Beebe presenting the watch at Miss Munger's 20th Anniversary, 1946

"State Farm Head for 21 Years, She Hasn't Seen Dozen Bad Women"
Newspaper source unknown, 1947

"Returning Niantic's Women to Straight Path Hard Job"
Sunday Herald, 9 Apr 1950

"Address by Mrs. Weld Morgan ... during unveiling of the plaque at the Connecticut State Farm for Women "
22 Sep 1963

Additional photographs from Miss Munger's private life

Connecticut Department of Correction

Materials collected by Miss Munger's brother, Dr Grant Breed Munger (1885-1978) of Cedar Rapids, Iowa;

digitized and edited by her grand-nephew, Marshall Munger Kerr of Springfield, Virginia.